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Greg Guggisberg, partner in Rockford Companies has been in the building and roofing industry since 1992 in multiple capacities and five different states.  He started in the roofing industry as an installer, crew leader and eventually owner.   Greg expanded his experience beyond roofing in 2001, as a partner of Mountain Construction in Angel Fire, NM.  He and his partner built custom homes and log homes throughout the region.  Unique to the industry, he and his partner crafted the homes with their creativity and hands on labor.

In 2007 Greg moved his family from Angel Fire, NM to Edmond, OK where they had no contacts outside of close friends.  This of course made the growth process slow.

In the early days, the company did anything it could to make money.  From changing toilets to roofing houses, the idea was to build upon one happy customer at a time.

We now have a client pool that is steadily growing.  Our business is now new and repeat.  We believe that the repeat business is the “meat” of this company.

John Evans joined Greg as a roofing sales person in May of 2011. In 2012 John joined Greg as a business partner with Rockford Roofing.  Because of John’s expertise with technical items ie: software and hardware, he quickly became the primary office administrator and in 2012 joined Greg as partner in Rockford Building as well.

Rockford Companies has experienced steady growth on both the building and roofing side since its inception in 2009.

We believe that our strength lies in our experience and passion for giving people our best.


Greg Guggisberg &
John Evans