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New Construction Projects

When building custom homes, Rockford Building Company is looking for customers who appreciate the creative merging of rustic and fine detailed craftsmanship.  With our background in mountain living and building, we incorporate a bit of rustic woods flair not typical to this region.

Rockford Building Company works hard to develop plans with our customers to give them all they desire and need while at the same time allowing our creativity to give them something really unique and special.

Rockford Building Companies system allocates budgets to each category freeing our customers to work with our vendors on picking and choosing all the items from flooring to lighting that will need to go into a home.

With the ever growing demand in our industry to develop ways to conserve energy and to lessen building costs, Rockford Building Company has teamed up with other local builders that are leading the way in “green” building.  We are emulating their proven methods and are working hard to increase and broaden our scope of knowledge.  We feel it is our duty to educate ourselves and our customers on ways that we all can make a difference.  In the end, we want to build a clientele that is impassioned about the work we do, appreciates the savings and ideas we propose and feels proud of their investment.