construction and remodeling
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When the majority of our competitors “shy” away from remodels, we at Rockford Building Company get charged up.  We consider ourselves to be expert remodelers and really enjoy working alongside our customers to create a plan.

Customers come in all shapes and sizes in this market.  Some want a kitchen face lift, some want to open up their kitchen, dining and living spaces while some want a complete overhaul on their entire house.  We love all of it.

No matter what is being asked of us, we endeavor to come up with a clear scope of work that becomes our map for creating drawings, timelines and contingency plans.  We have found that the challenges are much greater in remodels than for instance new builds.  So, keeping that in mind, we do our best to accommodate our clients with scheduling work in a way that still allows their families to operate and function as normally as possible given the situation.

Once the scope is agreed upon, we begin to get our customers face to face with our vendors where they work with selections and the budgets we have laid out.  Once all selections have been made, we are ready to get to work.

We are committed to giving our customers the best service and product available knowing that remodels are often scrutinized the most by our customers since they are living in the home we are working in.

Whether it is updating, beautifying or creating new living space, we feel we thrive in this environment.