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Commerical Roofing

Rockford Roofing Company considers light commercial roofing to include churches, apartments and privately owned buildings.

One way that we set ourselves apart from our competition is by having a project manager onsite the entire time.  Often with light commercial jobs, permitting is necessary.  With the increased flow of inspectors and general foot traffic our project managers are available for any questions, problem solving and decision making that may be required.

We recognize that safety is always in the forefront of every job, however, in light commercial roofing it is magnified because our customers have customers and we need to look out for them too.  It is one of the primary responsibilities of our project managers to oversee the safety and well being or our customers and crews.

We encourage all of our customers to do their do diligence in finding a good roofing company.  We have an extensive list of referrals that we encourage our potential customers to call on.  We believe it to be our greatest asset in winning business in this particular market.