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Residential Roofing

Rockford Roofing has over 25 years of combined residential re-roofing experience.   Because of years working in this industry as well as formal class work, we are experts both at assessing damage and dealing with insurance companies.  Additionally, we are certified residential roofers with Certain-Teed Roof Systems allowing us to offer as much as 20 year labor and material warranties to customers for a very minimal charge.

Our prices are competitive and we are set apart from the industry not because of how we install the roof,  our industry by and large installs the same product the same way, but because of how we service our customers and because we work the entire claim not just roofs.  We are perfectly set up to take care of gutters, windows, siding, fencing and anything else the claim may involve.

is a very invasive process where potentially lots of problems arise.  With our thorough pre-roofing inspection, we identify up front the problem areas and work with customers to obtain working solutions.

Our estimating sheets and contracts are easy to read and are not jumbled up with legal jargon that often creates confusion and mistrust.  Our sales people are professional and work hard on every sell to ensure that the customers fully understand what they are contracting with us to do and that the pricing is clear.

The roofing industry is so saturated in Oklahoma because of the profit margins available and the cheap entry costs that we are continually perceived to be a fly by the night industry.  At Rockford Roofing we are interested in building a clientele that values our roots and knowledge.  We will in turn reward that with superior service and warranties.